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Harry Potter Meme  One House

Gryffindor {1/1}

Harry Potter Meme  Four Locations

Hogwarts {3/4}

Harry Potter  Four Locations

Gringotts {2/4}

Harry Potter Meme  Four Locations

The Burrow {1/4} 

Harry Potter ⌲ Four Colors

Yellow {4/4}

Harry Potter Meme  Four Colors

Blue {2/4}

Harry Potter Meme  Four Colors

Green {1/4}


 in this world only winter is certain: Harry Potter meme


So, I’ve been doing this Game of Thrones meme and I decided that it was something I actually enjoyed doing (compared to the 30 day memes. They’re just so long that I never complete them). Apparently there isn’t a Harry Potter one so I decided to make one myself. Hopefully you guys like it.

Made a few changes..

  • one house
  • two books/movies (or one book, one movie)
  • four colors
  • three locations
  • six spells, magical creatures, potions, and/or objects.
  • seven relationships (friendships, romantic ships, whatever ships)
  • five quotes
  • nine characters